Faith Beyond Limits

Special Needs Ministries Congress

Bucharest, Romania. October 19-22, 2018.


The target participants.
Adventist members with and without disabilities, deaf, needing assistance and/or independent. It is open also to participants that intend to begin collaborating in this ministry.


The congress will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania, at the RIN Grand Hotel:
Address: 7D Vitan – Barzesti Street, Bucharest, RO 042121, Romania
Telephone: +40 311 061 111


Bucharest International Airport Otopeni
According to the registration a shuttle service will be provided at 10€ one way.


Registration deadline is September 20, 2018. After this date we cannot guarantee the same price accommodation.

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Please register your participation in English language here or in German language here.

For all information request/inquiries: [email protected]

Choose your accommodation on the Application form.

Accommodation in single room 250€ (everything included)
Accommodation in double room 175€ (everything included)
Accommodation in triple room 160€ (everything included)
Participation and meals 60€
Participation only 10€
Cost per meal 10€

For the registration, send 100€ to your Union. 
All cancellations after September 20 will be not reimbursed.


This First European Special Needs Ministries Congress is developed with the intention of promoting the integration of our Special Needs People within the Adventist Church.

Many people with disabilities, interpreters, caregivers feel tired, depressed or exhausted by their work and/or their physical situation and we should seek a positive balance that benefits the professionalism of the performance, the quality and our commitment to God.

There are people with disabilities all around the world and we should do our best to share with them the word of hope, the Word of God. To this end, we have organized this Congress as a bridge to access such communication, and as Christians we must go further. We must be a reference in order that, in the future, everyone can share good news without need of assistance. We must reflect Jesus in our behavior: His love, His approach, His example, and His words.


  1. To know and create friendships and partnerships.
  2. To create contacts among the participants for a better interpersonal support.
  3. To create an European network in Special Need Ministries.


Friday 19

2:00 pm Arrival and registration
7:00 pm Dinner
8:30 pm Evening Programme

Saturday 20

10:00 am Worship programme
11:30 am Message by Patrick Johnson
12:30 pm Free time
1:00 pm LUNCH
4:00 pm Afternoon programme : My personal story!
5:00 pm BREAK
6:00 pm Special programme by sectors
(from 3:00 to 5:00 pm Mission in the city)
6:45 pm Vespers
7:00 pm DINNER
8:30 pm Evening programme

Sunday 21

10:00 am Morning programme – Workshops
12:30 pm Free time
1:00 pm LUNCH
4:00 pm Afternoon programme – Olympics games
(from 3:00 to 6:00 pm visit Bucharest as alternative)
7:00 pm DINNER
8:30 pm Evening programme – special feature

Monday 22


Application form to this Congress